Trail Running Ettiquite

  1. The course includes gravel roads, dirt trails, stream crossings, up/down hills, and grassy surfaces. Since this is a rain or shine event, please adjust your speed based on the trail conditions to avoid slipping and falling.
  2. Littering of any kind is never acceptable. We are guests of Mother Nature while visiting the trails and should only leave our footprints when we leave.
  3. As you are approaching someone in front of you on the trail that you intend to pass you should announce your presence and indicate to which side you will be passing them by stating “passing left” or “passing right.” A friendly comment like “good morning” also is acceptable.
  4. Once you enter the wooded trail sections, be sure to run in a single file formation. Stay on the path and run through rocks, roots, mud, etc. How you deal with these obstacles part of what makes trail running unique and challenging.
  5. In the section of trails when you are running up/down a hill, decrease your pace and be observant of trail obstacles. A misplaced step could cause them, and you, to come crashing to the ground.
  6. Half mile and mile markers will be located on the trail.
  7. The trails are closed to bikers and horses during the race. If you come upon a horse while running, give the horses the right-of-way. NEVER touch the horse without permission from the rider. NEVER make sudden moves or loud noises around horses.
  8. Headphones are discouraged. Enjoy the company of your fellow runners as well as the music of nature. If you wear headphones during a race or when running with a group, be sure the volume is low enough to hear other runners who want to pass you.
  9. There will be multiple Trail Stewards along the course. If you have an injury, try to move to the side of the trail into a safe location til help arrives. Ask a passing runner to notify the next steward. Each will have a radio to call for additional help. If you pass a down runner, please stop and determine if they need assistance. Lets all be considerate and helpful to our fellow runners.
  10. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself on the trails, but be aware of your limitations.

(Revised June 1, 2017)