Financial Assistance

Virginia Headwaters Council believes that lack of funds should never be a barrier to Scouting.  Many generous Scouters over the years believe in this vision and have made provisions to enable youth and adult leaders to participate who desire to do so.   To ensure our council’s ability to assist Scouts for many years going forward, council funds assist with up to 50% of membership or camping fees as a general rule.  It is based on need and is not intended to cover the full fee. Families, units, and/or the chartered organization are asked to contribute towards the fee as they are able.  Both Scouts and Scouters are welcome to apply for financial assistance.  


Application and approval process

Applications are available for VAHC Registration and VAHC Campership assistance.  Please contact Anne Blair for additional information on the following funds:

Joseph Goldstein Direct Assistance Fund:  OPEN

Robert Bruner Camp Scholarship Fund:  CLOSED UNTIL 2025

Schwenke Camp Scholarship Fund: CLOSED UNTIL 2025


Additional Scholarship opportunities are available to support opportunities outside of Virginia Headwaters Council:

VAHC Provides an Eagle Scout Project of the Year award.

The National Eagle Scout Association Scholarships page lists a number of scholarships available to Eagle Scouts.

The Scholarships page lists additional scholarships that are available to Scouts, Sea Scouts, and Venturers from Scouting committees, universities, and high-adventure bases.

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting, Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting, and likely other faith based Scouting organizations also offer College Scholarships.

Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and likely other fraternal organization offer Scholarships as well.