Charter Renewal

Recharter Process

The Unit Key3 are responsible for the annual charter renewal.  Most Mountain Valley Units have a December 31st deadline while most Monticello Units will have until the end of February.  To begin the process, login at  Note that the same login ID and password is required for Internet Advancement and my.scouting.  Approximately 2-1/2 months prior to your charter renewal date, the “Recharter” option will become available on the left menu bar.  Please see the sidebar links for additional information.

The biggest change for 2023-2024 is that youth who joined Scouting in the fall appeared with a $0 recharter fee.  Starting March 1, 2024, membership renewal and recharter are simple and separate tasks.  Families are contacted by BSA National to pay their membership renewal beginning 60 days, from the anniversary of the end of their joining month(or recharter date for those who joined prior to August 2023) with a copy to the Key3.  Subsequent reminders will be sent at 45, 35, 15, 7, and 0 days out as well as 7 days after registration has expired if the renewal is not complete.  The Unit Key 3 still has the option to pay for members, so please communicate early and often with your parents to ensure everyone knows who is paying for membership.  More on Membership Renewal and Pack Recharters at

If families are paying for their renewal, recharter will simply involve confirming your leadership, their required training, and paying the $100 recharter fee.

Do not forget to complete your Journey To Excellence (JTE) Scorecard for the end of the year as well as create your plan for next year!  You can turn these in along with your payment (check recommended to avoid additional fees and allow for one last verification) at the District Roundtable or Council Office.

Reach out to your Unit Commissioner or with an questions.


What if we aren’t going to recharter?  In the unfortunate event that your Unit will not be rechartering, we want to assist families in finding another opportunity to continue Scouting.  Please reach out to your Unit Commissioner or so we can help.

What if I have a new Executive Director/Institution Head and they’re not on my roster ?  If you need to add this $0 position, please provide a paper application to Terry in the Council Office to have this no fee registration added to the Unit roster.

What if my Unit is really small and we don’t meet the minimum requirements to recharter online?  If your Unit is struggling to meet the minimum requirements (e.g. four youth) to recharter, please contact Sue in the Council Office.

The system didn’t flag anyone for needing YPT, is everything good?  VAHC still requires that Youth Protection Training (YPT) be completed on an annual basis.  Please confirm that training does not expire prior to the next recharter deadline for your adults (the online system will only flag if they are expired).

How do I know which parents need to be registered?  In addition to leaders, all adults who overnight with a Troop must be registered in their role with the Unit (i.e. Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Charter Organization Representative (COR), Committee Chair, Committee Member, Unit Scouter Reserve (great for the adult who’s not active with your unit, but called if you need an extra leader for an event); Merit Badge Counselors are not permitted to camp with Units).  Multiple registration of adult leaders can be done for no charge online at by “joining” the additional Unit.  Upon logging in with their my.scouting username and password, adults will be prompted to “transfer” or “continue”.  Select “continue” to create a multiple registration (and coordinate with your Units so they know which is the primary for recharter fees).  Note:  only the COR can approve an adult membership online.

My AOLs are crossing over in February.  Where do they recharter?  All current 5th graders (AOLs) should recharter with the Pack.  Once the new charter for the Pack and Troop(s) have processed, parents or the Key3 can initiate an online transfer from the Pack to the Troop(s) via my.scouting.