The Membership Committee consists of a passionate group of volunteers dedicated to better serving more youth.  Their tasks fall into three broad categories:  Relationships, Marketing, and Recruitment.  Through relationships and experiences with Units and Community Organizations, committee efforts help to grow the Scouting movement both in numbers and in quality.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Subcommittee helps navigate sensitive topics related to race, gender, religion, neurodiversity, finances, and more.  Through a partnership with the Commissioners Corp, the membership committee assists with recharter and during times of unit transitions.  Constant communication with the Programming and Training Committees helps with membership retention and provides opportunities to engage new youth.

We are still trying to grow our team.  While we are fortunate to have resources like the BSA Brand Center and talented Scouters who assist with IT and graphic designs, our marketing isn’t reaching a lot of places.  Please consider helping the cause as a New Member Coordinator for your unit or district.  Or just help spread the word to local organizations like a PTO that you’re already part of.  We can provide fliers, yard signs, mini-ScoutLife Magazines, QR code stickers, and paper applications, so let us know when your Unit is planning an event that you want to publicize.  Don’t forget to remind your Scouts that there’s a Recruiter Strip they can earn if they have a friend join the BSA.

Please reach out to us at with any questions or to see how you too can help spread the Scout Spirit!